The term gamelan refers to the ensemble of percussion instruments on which traditional gamelan music of Java and Bali is played. The St David’s Hall Gamelan is a complete Central Javanese gamelan from Surakarta in Java, made by Pak Tentrem Sarwanto. It comprises of two sets of instruments, one for each tuning: sléndro (a five-tone scale) and pélog (a seven-tone scale). No two gamelans are tuned exactly alike; each ensemble is unique.


Schools Workshops

A taster workshop on the St David’s Hall gamelan introduces students to the music of Java. Gamelan is a fun; stimulating experience with an important role to play in music education at all levels. Our gamelan sessions address many of the concepts in the music...

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Try Gamelan

Here at Arts Active we aim to encourage people, from the youngest to oldest, to engage in and enjoy arts activity. Our gamelan programme offers regular courses and workshops for people of all ages and abilities to be able to experience the inclusive nature of gamelan....

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Cardiff Gamelan

Our community ensemble meets regularly on Tuesday nights. The repertoire covered includes both traditional Javanese pieces as well as western compositions for gamelan.  Gamelan is a wonderfully versatile set of instruments allowing people of all ages and abilities to...

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