Tiddly Prom

We present an accessible, interactive and informative preschool concert to tour venues and community centres reaching those young children who would not usually get to experience live music.

An opportunity to enchant, amaze and inspire young children and the grown-ups they look after with music. The performance is not only lots of fun but is also educational, teaches listening skills, music, problem solving and team working, in addition to introducing orchestral instruments to  children in the ‘early years’.

Centred around the Tiddly Prom we present workshops, courses and activities aimed at encouraging parents, nursery workers and early years educationalists to enjoy making and exploring high quality music with young children. There are currently six Tiddly Prom shows in our repertoire; five in English and one in Welsh. Bert’s Magical Musical Allotment, Bert’s Magical Musical Kitchen, Bert’s Magical Musical Farmyard, Gardd Gerdd Hudol Iori, Bert & Cherry’s Christmas Plum Pudding, Cherry Pie’s Holiday Advenuture