Education Packs & Learning for You!

We have been working hard behind the scenes on all our different project strands.

One of the things we have been developing are quizzes, info sheets and education packs which are available for all ages. We have been focussed on music mixed with cross curricular activates to support this learning  and we would love for you to download our packs, info sheets and take part in our quizzes to expand your knowledge.

Our Education Packs are suitable for home learning and to be used in school so if there is someone you know that might find them useful then please do let them know all about them.

Education Packs – Available for learning from Keystage 1+ (including adults!)

Not interested in music? check in on our project sections to see what other exciting things there are for you to do in other arts disciplines.

Check out these pages for packs/quizzes/info sheets and more!

Did you know we have a podcast series?


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