Sit back and relax and join Dr Keith Chapin for a talk all about Harmony, Well-Being and the musical connections between them.

“Recent research confirms what we all intuitively know. Music is vital to our well-being. But how did people talk about this before well-being entered our vocabulary? More importantly, how did musicians try to further such happiness? In this talk, I look back to the notion of a link between harmony of the universe, harmony of the soul, and sounding harmony and trace its surprising turns as reflected in the music of Josquin, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Hindemith, and. . . well. . . the last example WILL be a surprise.”

These one hour LIVE streamed talks are part of the Arts Active International Concert Series Extras, and support the International Concert Series programme at St David’s Hall.

The talks pack both essential information and fascinating tidbits into under an hour. Whether new and curious to the scene or a concert veteran, there will be plenty there for you to enjoy.