“So many of us have made music our first recourse for comfort as we reel from the grief the pandemic has caused, individually and collectively. We shall look at how music works its balm on mind and soul, from lamentations through to requiems, and how it brings hope as well as relief.”
Fasten your seat belts, sit back and enjoy this classical music road trip with Dr Jonathan James. In this second roadmap talk this Summer. These one hour LIVE streamed talks are part of the Arts Active International Concert Series Extras, and support the International Concert Series programme at St David’s Hall.
The talks pack both essential information and fascinating tidbits into under an hour, and are delivered with a light touch by Dr Jonathan James from the piano. Whether new and curious to the scene or a concert veteran, there will be plenty there for you to enjoy.
Jonathan has also created a wonderful playlist to expand your listening, with his handpicked playlist.