Tiddly Prom

Bert’s Magical Musical Farmyard

9, 14, 15, 16 July, 10:30am

It’s a busy day on Bert’s farm with lots of jobs to be done. But ‘Oho’, the rain is coming down and the tractor is stuck in a muddy ditch. Even with all his friends helping, Bert cannot pull the tractor out of the slippy slidey hole. Perhaps you and the magic of live music can help them?

Bert’s Magical Musical Farmyard is an accessible, interactive concert for the under 5s.

Produced by Arts Active, the Tiddly Prom is a musical treat for tots and the grown ups they look after, enabling children and adults alike to enjoy live music. The clarinet, bassoon and viola are showcased in this production, through silly songs, magic and storytelling.


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