19 July 2020

How to Compose Music Taking Inspiration from Nature

Learning to compose music inspired by nature / Dysgu cyfansoddi cerddoriaeth wedi'i hysbrydoli gan natur

How to Compose Music Taking Inspiration from Nature

Aimed at 13+

Join composer James Williams as he leads 4 music sessions entitled “Making the Garden Sing”. From Bach to Beethoven, from Mahler to Messiaen, so many of our great composers have taken the great outdoors as their inspiration. Whether you live in a city, a town, a village or in the country, your environment is packed full of delicious sounds waiting to be turned into music. In each 20min session, composer James Williams will learn from the great composers of the past and show you how you can make music inspired by the sounds you hear every day, using objects from around the home and garden.

Sut i Gyfansoddi Cerddoriaeth yn Cymryd Ysbrydoliaeth o Natur

Wedi’i anelu at 13+

Ymunwch â’r cyfansoddwr James Williams wrth iddo arwain 4 sesiwn gerddoriaeth o’r enw “Making the Garden Sing”. O Bach i Beethoven, o Mahler i Messiaen, mae cymaint o’n cyfansoddwyr gwych wedi cymryd yr awyr agored fel eu hysbrydoliaeth. P’un a ydych chi’n byw mewn dinas, tref, pentref neu yn y wlad, mae eich amgylchedd yn llawn synau blasus yn aros i gael eu troi’n gerddoriaeth. Ymhob sesiwn 20 munud, bydd y cyfansoddwr James Williams yn dysgu gan gyfansoddwyr gwych y gorffennol ac yn dangos i chi sut y gallwch chi wneud cerddoriaeth wedi’i hysbrydoli gan y synau rydych chi’n eu clywed bob dydd, gan ddefnyddio gwrthrychau o amgylch y cartref a’r ardd.

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Categories: Composition, Music
Tags: 16+, Higher Education, Secondary

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