19 July 2020

How to Hula Hoop

Learn how to use a hula hoop / Dysgu sut i ddefnyddio cylchyn hwla

How to Hula Hoop

Join Elle Edwards as she shows you, from the beginning, how to start Hula Hooping. Starting with how to get the Hula hooping around your body, then onto 3 Hula Hoop tricks, and moving on to Hula Wraps and ending with Hula Folds.

Sut i Gylch Hula

Ymunwch ag Elle Edwards wrth iddi ddangos i chi, o’r dechrau, sut i ddechrau Hula Hooping. Gan ddechrau gyda sut i gael yr Hula i gylchu o amgylch eich corff, yna ymlaen i 3 tric Hula Hoop, a symud ymlaen i Hula Wraps a gorffen gyda Hula Folds.

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Categories: Circus
Tags: 16+, Secondary

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