5 December 2018

Reach the right creative people or teachers – faster – by adding location to your opportunity PLUS get seen on our new ‘people’ page

You can save time, get the most relevant opportunities and raise your profile as a result of some changes to A2:Connect. If you want to benefit, there are a few quick things you need to do – but they’ll take you less than a minute!

What’s happened?

Feedback from people like you means that A2:Connect’s ‘matchmaking’ function is always developing to give you what you want, fast. The latest change is that we’ve just updated the way ‘location’ works and created a new featured people page.

Why should you care and what should you do? 

Since our last update, each time you visit the opportunities section of the site, the opportunities listed are sorted in order of priority, with those most relevant to you at the top (ie according to your roles, specialism, artform, keystage of pupils you teach, etc)*

Now, it’ll also present opportunities by location – but you’ll need to log in and edit your opportunity to specify the Welsh county it’s in (you can choose more than one if you need to).

With our new ‘people’ page, we also need you to let us know if you want your photo and/or a few basic details to be featured.

You can update both in less than a minute!

What do you need to do? This will take you less than a minute:

  • Login to the site and go to your profile (top right).
  • Click on My opportunities > Manage (on an Opportunity) > Edit
  • Make sure you’ve selected the correct ‘Who would I like to respond’ option (ie the role)
  • Click the next button until you reach ‘Location’
  • Select one or more of the listed counties
  • Click next until you reach the end, then make sure it’s published if you want it to be live on the site
  • Go back into your profile and the ‘About Me’ tab, and select ‘Publish’ if you want to be seen in the ‘People’ directory

What if I don’t do it?

Your opportunity may not be seen by the people you want it to be seen by; and you may not get to connect with a creative person who’s just right for your school and pupils; or a school who’s looking for a creative practitioner just like you.

 *It will mean that you no longer need to use the filters at the left-hand side of the page (but you can use ‘advanced search’ if you want to override our system’s automatic sorting).

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