25 February 2019

Secret life of objects – free resource, and free training 13/3/19

How can objects help your pupils make sense of the world, make connections between different periods of time and our own, grow their understanding about different cultures, and inspire their creativity and ideas?

Very easily, with just a little help from you! Pupils can explore past people’s creativity and ingenuity, wonder at technological changes, understand the causes, all by considering what a museum (or any) object is, how it is made, what it looks like and how it was used.

Creative learning using objects also allows pupils to:

  • question and challenge
  • make connections and see relationships
  • envisage what might be/have been
  • explore new ideas, keeping options open
  • reflect critically on ideas, actions and outcomes

Object-based learning provides opportunities to develop:

  • knowledge – remembering, reciting, listing
  • comprehension – summarising, explaining
  • application – transferring knowledge from one situation to another
  • analysis – categorising, comparing and contrasting
  • synthesis – hypothesising, predicting, inventing and composing
  • evaluation – judging, concluding, substantiating, defending

Find out how to put this into practice in your classroom by:

Booking for our Secret Life of Objects event on Wednesday 13 March, 10am-3.30pm at Cardiff Story Museum.

Downloading the FREE Secret Life of Objects resource from Hwb.

Places on the course are free to book and the network will sponsor your attendance by supporting the cost of supply staff up to £150 per day.

*Create and discover opportunities for your school and pupils, or your creative business*

Whether you’re a teacher looking for a creative person to share skills and inspiration with your pupils … or a creative person looking for teachers and pupils who can benefit from your input: make sure to CREATE as well as SEARCH for opportunities on the Opportunities section of the A2:Connect website.

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