7 April 2019

Let’s celebrate: creative learning through the arts – a short report from the event

We heard some brilliant presentations and met lots of fantastic teachers and creatives at the four-day celebration of creative learning through the arts organised by Welsh Government in partnership with Arts Council Wales.

There was far too much going on for us to report back in detail, so we’re sharing some brief notes and a tweet collection from the morning on day 3.

You can download presentations and documents about the new curriculum at: https://gov.wales/preparing-new-curriculum

Day 3: New expressive arts curriculum briefing and feedback session

Diane Hebb, Director Engagement and Participation, Arts Council Wales, kickstarted the morning with an inspiring presentation about the possibilities and potential of the new curriculum for the arts sector.

She urged us to celebrate the fact that Expressive Arts is an equal area of the six Areas of Learning and Experience (AOLE), and said “The opportunities are great, we will need to adapt what we offer to meet the needs of schools and the new curriculum, but we’re up to that challenge.”

Carys Pugh D’Auria, Head of Area of Learning and Experience for the Expressive Arts, Welsh Government then explained how teachers and artists have been co-creating the Expressive Arts AOLE, resulting in the draft curriculum which will be out for consultation on 30th April, and showed the films below.




What are AOLEs?

Each AOLE comprises:

  1. An explanation of how it supports the four purposes. The four purposes are at the heart of the new curriculum and state that the curriculum should support our children and young people to be:
    • ambitious, capable learners ready to learn throughout their lives
    • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work
    • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world
    • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.
  2. ‘What Matters’ statements and rationales – which together describe the essential aspects of learning within the AoLE
    You can view the Expressive Arts ‘What Matters’ statements in the presentation further on.
  3. The knowledge, skills and experiences relating to each ‘What Matters’ statement
  4. Progression Steps and Achievement Outcomes


Vanessa McCarthy, Head, Brynnau Primary School and Head of the Area of Learning and Experience for the Expressive Arts then gave an overview of the new Expressive Arts curriculum, assisted by representatives from pioneer schools. Her presentation is here:








Finally there was lots of lively debate at the table discussions and open feedback session before Diane Hebb closed the morning.


Our tweet collection from the morning:

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