2 May 2019

Tell us what you think!

We’re always interested to hear your views on A2:Connect and the Creative Learning Through the Arts programme (CLTA) that we’re part of.

So we hope you’ll take part in this survey commissioned by Arts Council Wales – all the details are below – the deadline date is Friday, 17 May 2019.

Thanks for helping us learn more about your experience of CLTA and A2:Connect.

All the best,

Bryony Harris & the A2:Connect team

We write to you with regard to your engagement with the Regional Arts and Education Network, part of the Creative Learning Through the Arts programme.

Wavehill is an economic and social research organisation based in Wales and we have been commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Government to undertake an ongoing independent evaluation of the Creative Learning Through the Arts programme. We are interested in understanding the motivations of schools and teachers for participating in the various elements of the programme, and to collect your perceptions on impact of the programme activities on you and your learners.

Your feedback is important in informing the management of the programme, and ensuring that the activities of the Regional Arts and Education Network is as impactful and relevant as possible. We would like to invite you to provide some feedback on that experience, and the impact it has had upon your teaching.

This questionnaire should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Please click here to complete the questionnaire

Briefly, the CLTA programme includes the following key elements [1]:

Lead Creative Schools scheme
Development Strand
Regional Arts and Education Networks
Experiencing the Arts Fund

If do not wish to be contacted or for us to hold your contact details, please contact us at surveys@wavehill.com.

If you have any questions, please contact Wavehill (surveys@wavehill.com) or The Arts Council of Wales.

[1] For more information visit http://www.arts.wales/what-we-do/creative-learning

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