10 May 2019

Teacher or creative? How creating an account and a profile on the A2:Connect website can help you find your perfect match.

You might think that following us on social media or subscribing to our enews is the easiest way to keep up to date with opportunities, training, advice and inspiration. It’s a great way to start, but you can make A2:Connect work even better for you.

Why create an account and a profile?

Create an account on the A2:Connect website and then create a profile with one or more roles (it’s easy), and you’ll benefit from being able to:

✅ 🤗*NEW* Hear first about new opportunities that are tailored to you

We’re going to be launching an e-alert service (this summer, 2019). Using the wizardry of our Opportunities app, you’ll receive opportunities based on your exact interests and specialisms. Sign up now to make sure you start getting them as soon as they launch.
 This is a new service, and not the same as our current enewsletter which we’ll run alongside for a while yet.

✅ 👍Find the perfect artist/creative for your school project/curriculum area, if you’re a teacher

Let artists know what you’re looking for by creating an opportunity; or see if there’s someone who already fits the bill by searching in Opportunities. Then start a conversation in one click of a button.

✅ 👍Find schools and pupils who want what you have to offer, if you’re an artist/creative

Let teachers know what you offer and how it fits with the curriculum by creating an opportunity; or see if there’s someone already looking for what you offer by searching in Opportunities. Then start a conversation in one click of a button.

✅ 🗣Promote yourself – be featured in our ‘People’ directory (optional)

If you haven’t already, click on your personal icon top right of the website, click ‘Profile’, scroll down to ‘Permissions’ and click ‘Publish’. Make sure you’ve added your location too. Find out more here.

How to create an account & profile – it’s easy!

1. Visit www.a2connect.org
2. Click on ‘Login or Signup’ (top right)
3. Type in your email address and a password

Bingo! You’ve created an account. Now the most important bit. This bit will help you to make sure you’re seen by the right people for the right things.

4. Click on ‘Profile’, then ‘About me’. Fill in the short form.

5. ⚠️⚠️MOST IMPORTANT >> Click on ‘My roles’. Click ‘Add a role’. Tell us if you’re a teacher, artists etc (you can create more than one role), and fill in a few more details.

6. Click save

7. ⚠️OPTIONAL BUT IMPORTANT >> Looking for an artist? Or a school? Make sure to create an opportunity so people who can help you, can find you

And that’s all there is to it – happy connecting!

And if you’re not already signed up to the A2:Connect enewsletter make sure to do that too for practical advice, inspiration and ideas from other teachers/creatives, and details of FREE training and events and other opportunities, direct to your inbox. And of course follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll hear quickly about events, CPD and other advice and information.

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