12 December 2019

Get tips for drama in the classroom – Skills not Frills video series – Drama #1

Drama is a fantastic tool for learning across the curriculum. It is a fun way to embed learning about a range of topics; and it brings a host of benefits including building confidence, developing language and communication skills, encouraging cooperation, developing emotional intelligence, inspiring creative thinking, and the list goes on! This is the first of three Skills not Frills videos giving teachers ideas and tips for using drama in the classroom.

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Drama #1: Bring drama activities into the classroom

Push back the tables and chairs and start or end a session with a drama game to support oracy and collaboration

Drama can be part of your toolkit in the classroom every day

You don’t need to plan weeks in advance

You don’t need to book the hall

Activity 1:  Making a Story, One Word at a Time

Explain to the learners that as a group you are going to create a story.  Everyone will add to the story one word at a time, so we won’t know what will happen next! Show the A2 Connect Bringing Drama to the Classroom film to your learners to help to explain the concept to the learners, or give them cards with individual words then sit in a circle and begin with ‘Once’ (hopefully your learners will continue with ‘Once -upon –a- time’) and then you are away!

This game gives an opportunity for children to practice and develop new, imaginative ideas for stories, and your input can highlight the importance of setting/ description/ events and character before they have to put pen to paper. Partner up less confident children with a more confident child for support, or ask learners to use the word wall in your class.

Activity 2:  The Sun Shines On…..”

Sit in a circle on chairs. One person stands in the centre of the circle and says: “The sun shines on anyone who…..”,  and then they finish the sentence with something which is true about them.

Here are the rules: –

  1. You have to move chairs if the statement is true about you
  2. You can’t swap with the person next to you unless you are the only two people moving
  3. You can’t run
  4. It is a non-contact game, so no rugby tackling

Start with simple statements about appearance (anyone who’s wearing black shoes) and you can extend to likes/dislikes, hobbies and interests, opinions, beliefs, achievements and ambitions. You can even make it specific to your theme; for example, Shakespeare or the Tudor period.

What next and where to find more help?

LINKS: More games to try with your pupils





This is part of a series of 15 ‘Skills not Frills’ videos and resource sheets, created with the help of A2:Connect Arts Champions. Arts Champions are teachers who work with us to share their practice and expertise with other schools/ teachers in the region.

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