Each Summer we offer a programme of activities for ages 13 – 25 working with professionals from all arts backgrounds. This Summer our activities went online. Check them out below.

Making the Garden Sing

(composition inspired by nature)

Part 1

Aimed at 13+

Join composer James Williams as he leads 4 music sessions entitled “Making the Garden Sing”. From Bach to Beethoven, from Mahler to Messiaen, so many of our great composers have taken the great outdoors as their inspiration. Whether you live in a city, a town, a village or in the country, your environment is packed full of delicious sounds waiting to be turned into music. In each 20min session, composer James Williams will learn from the great composers of the past and show you how you can make music inspired by the sounds you hear every day, using objects from around the home and garden.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Walking with Words in the Woods

(Creative Writing)

Mike Church will be taking inspiration for creative writing from the outdoors in this first set of  videos. “If you go down to the woods today…. you’ll get the surprise of a thousand stories waiting to be told”. Join Mike Church on an adventure to find out where stories begin and journey with me to find a way out of the woods. He will be live outdoors hunting down inspiration and being careful to avoid the wolves!

Part 1

Suitable for under 12’s

Part 2

Suitable for Under 12’s

Part 1

Suitable for over 12’s

Part 2

Suitable for over 12’s

Making and Using a Spinning Staff

Learn something new and join James Doyle-Roberts from Citrus Arts as he shows you how to make your own spinning staff and how to use it.

Making and Using Spinning Flags

Learn something new and join James Doyle-Roberts from Citrus Arts as he shows you how to make your own flags and how to use them.

How to Hula Hoop

Join Elle Edwards as she shows you, from the beginning, how to start Hula Hooping. Starting with how to get the Hula hooping around your body, then onto 3 Hula Hoop tricks, and moving on to Hula Wraps and ending with Hula Folds.  

How to Juggle

Join Gavin Priestley from Circus Funksters as he shows you how to juggle from the very beginning. Gavin shows you how to use household objects as well as circus equipment like Juggling balls/ Juggling Rings / Juggling Clubs. You can find stuff from outside to juggle with as well like pine cones, light pebbles!