Learn how to make your own collage/photomontage / Dysgwch sut i wneud eich collage / ffotogyfosodiad eich hun

Create a Collage/Photomontage

– Part of our Criw Celf Activities –

Join Rory Buckland as he shows you how to make your own Collage / Photomontage

Creu Collage / Photomontage

– Rhan o’n Gweithgareddau Criw Celf –

Ymunwch â Rory Buckland wrth iddo ddangos i chi sut i wneud eich Collage / Photomontage eich hun

Work pack images to download here / Delweddau pecyn gwaith i’w lawrlwytho yma

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Categories: Art, Collage, Photomontage
Tags: Higher Education, Keystage 3, Keystage 4, Keystage 5