Learn how to create 3D space and virtual reality artwork / Dysgu sut i greu gofod 3D a gwaith celf rhith-realiti

Learn to use Google Tiltbrush and Photogrammetry

-Part of our Criw Celf activities-

Why not try something different and learn how to turn your art into 3D and create your own virtual reality? Tom Bermeister presents a series of videos to help you learn how to use Google Tiltbrush and Photogrammetry.

Dysgu defnyddio Google Tiltbrush a Photogrammetry

-Part o’n gweithgareddau Criw Celf

Beth am roi cynnig ar rywbeth gwahanol a dysgu sut i droi eich celf yn 3D a chreu eich rhith-realiti eich hun? Mae Tom Bermeister yn cyflwyno cyfres o fideos i’ch helpu chi i ddysgu sut i ddefnyddio Google Tiltbrush a Photogrammetry.

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Categories: Art, Digital, Drawing, Sculpture
Tags: Keystage 3, Keystage 4, Keystage 5