Learn how to write your own story / Dysgwch sut i ysgrifennu eich stori eich hun

Story Telling (creating a story)

Join Kieron Rees as he talks you through how to come up with ideas and create your own story. Watch the videos and download the worksheet to start your story telling journey!

Dweud Stori (creu stori)

Ymunwch â Kieron Rees wrth iddo siarad â chi sut i feddwl am syniadau a chreu eich stori eich hun. Gwyliwch y fideos a dadlwythwch y daflen waith i gychwyn ar eich taith adrodd stori!

Download your worksheet here / Dadlwythwch eich taflen waith yma


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Categories: Drama, Story Telling, Writing
Tags: Keystage 2, Keystage 3, Keystage 4