22 May 2017

Gamelan music workshops – give pupils a hands-on taste of the music of Java

Two hours of playing music for pupils of all abilities

Gamelan is the traditional music of Java and Bali in Indonesia, made up of percussive instruments.

Here’s Rhian Workman, a Gamelan musician who leads groups at St David’s Hall, to tell you more about the brilliant taster sessions for schools.

It’s fun, but also has important role to play in music education at all levels. These gamelan sessions address many of the concepts in the music curriculum for key stage 1, 2 and 3 and can be booked for student from Year 3 up to university.

During the session groups learn to play a traditional Javanese piece. You get to explore this music from another cultures and the workshop helps teachers introduce students to new sounds and respond to music individually and as a class.

The students are actively and creatively involved throughout the session which develops their listening skills, flexibility and group music making. This in turn enhances problem solving, communication, and self-confidence.

No experience is needed to take part in this unique workshop!

BREAKING NEWS! There will soon be some amazing and free teacher resources available for gamelan in the classroom – come back soon for more news.

To book a session with us you can either phone our Music Projects Co-ordinator; Rhian Workman to book over the phone on 02920 878574, or alternatively fill out booking form on Eventbrite.


The lowdown on Gamelan workshops

How many staff can I bring?
At least one teacher must accompany students at all times but you can bring along as many as you like and numbers allowing you can all join in too!

How many pupils can I bring?
A gamelan workshop can cater for up to 20 students – we have enough instruments for 20 pupils at one time unless you have booked on of our alternative workshops.

Are the workshops suitable for groups from a special school?
Yes many special schools bring groups to our workshops. Chairs can be made available where disability prevents sitting on the floor and wheelchairs can also be accommodated please just let us know your needs when you make your booking.

Is there anything my pupils and I should know in advance?
The instruments are played on the floor so trousers are more comfortable. Also we ask all participants and onlookers to remove their shoes.

Can I take photos?
Yes please do bring your camera. Also you may make an audio or video recording at the end of the workshop to document the group’s final performance. You will not be permitted to record the whole workshop.


£95 – Try Gamelan – Year 4 – 12 – This session is available for up to 20 pupils and will last up to 2 hours. Pupils will spend 2 hours with the hands-on experience of learning a lancaran style piece of music. They will develop their rhythmic, melodic, structure and listening skills. A full piece will be playable by the end of the session.

£120 – Try Gamelan Boosted – Year 4 – 6 – This session can be offered for up to 30 pupils and will last up to 2 hours. The gamelan will be used for part of the session but will also focus on developing rhythmic, melodic, structure and listening skills to enable to pupils to learn a lancaran style piece. A full piece is usually playable by the end of the session.

£120 – Try Gamelan Boosted – Year 2 & 3 – This Session can be offered for up to 30 pupils and will last up to 2 hours. Pupils will explore music making with the use of the gamelan focusing on developing their rhythmic, melodic, structure and listening skills. By the end of a session pupils will usually have learnt all elements used in a Lancaran style piece of gamelan music such as the structure, melody, rhythm and listening however a full piece is not usually performed at the end.

£95 – Exploring Gamelan – A-Level/University – This is the same as a STANDARD TASTER but can be taken further by learning a more complicated Lancaran with a counter melody and/or looking at a Ladrang style of piece (this is to be discussed in advance of your workshop). At least 1 full piece will be playable by the end of the session.

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