25 August 2017

Call out for Creative Practitioner: Severn Primary School Cardiff

Project Delivery January – March

Severn Primary School is an inner city school which has a multicultural population of mixed ability pupils, a warm and friendly atmosphere, and a positive, committed staff team.  

Literacy is the priority and we are looking to explore imaginative strategies that might stimulate and improve pupils’ creative writing and oracy skills. While there are no fixed ideas about what our outputs from the project will be, the children have expressed an interest in physical activities such as interactive art works or environments, dance, performance and puppetry. We would like to emphasise we are open to other ideas and suggestions which respond to the focus of the brief.

Aims of the project

  • To use creative approaches to raise pupil attainment levels in literacy
  • To embed and increase vocabulary through engagement in concrete activity & creative practice
  • Foster dialogue between creative practitioner and class teacher to co-develop creative strategies to support the learning of future pupils
  • To raise the confidence of pupils and their use of the written and spoken word.

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