30 May 2021

Summer Young Composers: Online Course

Our Young Composers scheme consists of termly composition workshops, in which you will be guided and given tuition in writing for a classical ensemble, and hear your compositions tried out by the musicians.

The scheme is FREE and will end in a final showcase of your works-in-progress or final pieces where they will be recorded, edited and sent out to you to keep.

This is an exciting opportunity that will look great on further education applications and will be of particular benefit if you are building a portfolio of work for School or university

Due to COVID-19 our in person session are not able to take place but this just means we have moved our course online.

This course is for 14 – 18 year olds.

During these sessions you will work with Tic and the session musicians to create your own electroacoustic composition using recorded instrumental sounds in your computer. You will work with the session musicians to record melodies, extended techniques, sustained notes and more to then use to construct your own piece using music technology.

Tic will guide you through the process of working with session musicians, recording the instruments, collecting interesting sound sources to work with, editing and manipulation of those sounds using music technology and finally turn those ideas into a finished piece. You can think as creatively as you like about the sound world you would like to create using the instrumentalists and technologies available to you!

This session is open to anyone in Wales who has an interest in writing music and using music technology. You don’t need to have prior experience using technology (although it’s also ok if you do!) just a willingness to learn and be open-minded about using music technology in a creative and exciting way. You will just need a laptop and a pair of headphones. It’s also ok if you don’t play an instrument yourself, the session musicians will be there to help guide you through what their instruments can do and what they sound like.

During these sessions you will have the opportunity to learn skills including, using music technology softwares (DAWs), audio recording and editing, audio manipulation and sound design, electroacoustic composition, working with session musicians and writing for wind instruments. These skills relate to career paths such as, music for film and TV, music for theatre, sound design, audio engineering and loads more!

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Tic Ashfield is a BAFTA Cymru award winning composer and sound designer living in South Wales who studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. She writes music for theatre, TV and film with notable projects including the TV series’ ‘Hinterland’ and ‘Hidden’ as well as theatre shows for companies such as National Theatre Wales and The Other Room Theatre.

As a composer and sound designer she focuses on using a combination of found sound manipulation and sampling, synthesis and instrumental writing to create bespoke sound worlds, often within collaborative settings. Tic plays the clarinet, guitar, bass and sings, often incorporating these into her music.


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