Tiddly Prom – Bert’s Magical Musical Kitchen

10:30AM - 11:30AM

Bert is having a party for his friend Daphne’s birthday. There’s lots to do; he has to make some food, invite the guests and plan party games. Luckily Cherry is there to help and his musician friends will bring their music. What could go wrong!

Bert’s Magical Musical Kitchen is an accessible, interactive concert for the under 5s. An opportunity for children and the adults with them to enjoy a live music experience.

The performance is not only lots of fun but is also educational, teaches listening skills, music, problem solving and team working, in addition to introducing orchestral instruments to early year’s children.

We see Bert make a cake live on stage and whilst the butter, sugar, eggs & flour are mixed to make a delicious cake the musical ingredients combine to form a beautiful and inventive score. Whilst waiting for the cake to bake Bert and his friend Cherry sing silly songs, make magic, music and mayhem and get ready for a special birthday party with the Mayor.

Bert’s Magical Musical Kitchen has been specially designed by the Arts Active creative team for the under 5s and is a great opportunity for young children to experience music interactively, with professional musicians in a creative and fun environment. Scored for Clarinet, Double Bass, Trumpet and percussion, the performance introduces these orchestral instruments to the very young and lets them enjoy the thrill of live acoustic instruments.

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