Cardiff Classical Extras

The Arts Active ‘extras’ programme supports the Cardiff Classical Series at St David’s Hall adding to the overall orchestral experience for our audiences.

As part of the Cardiff Classical Series at St Davids Hall we run a range of “extras” alongside to add to the audience experience and develop a love of orchestral music in new areas of the community. These include talks, schools’ participatory music projects, a young composers’ scheme and our monthly podcasts.

Pre-Concert Talks 

These talks pack both essential information and fascinating tidbits into under an hour, and are delivered with a light touch by the animated Dr Jonathan James and Keith Chapin. We are also delighted to include the following five new hosts, Welsh language speaker Geraint Lewis , Martin Firth, Carlo Cenciarelli, Caroline Rae and Will Frampton  from Wales and across the UK for these insightful pre-concert talks. Each host will bring a unique style and breadth of knowledge to a rich, varied and diverse classical programme and we hope create an enjoyable, yet insightful experience for all. Whether you are new to the scene or a concert veteran, there will be plenty there for you to enjoy.

Young Composers Scheme

The Young Composers Scheme provides an opportunity for aspiring young musicians aged 14-18 to develop their skills in composition, instrumentation and arranging. This invaluable opportunity allows young people to learn from, and work alongside professional composers and musicians; ideal for those developing a portfolio of work. Young Composers courses run during the Welsh half terms and summer holidays – email to find out more.

Schools Programme

During the year we work with both primary and secondary schools to offer composition and performance projects. These projects vary throughout the year so please do get in touch to find out what exciting opportunities we are offering at the moment.


Hosted by Jonathan James and Angharad Smith, a.k.a ‘JJ & Haz’ , this bubbly duo delve through all music and genres, sharing with you their personal favourite pieces, along with some musical jokes that add a playful and informal feel to the podcast.

Podcasts are uploaded monthly and can be accessed via most podcast platforms by searching ‘Braving the Stave’ or clicking here : Braving the Stave

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