27 April 2017

Who is A2: Connect? We are all A2: Connect.

People have asked us exactly what A2:Connect is, so this is a blog post to explain what we do, what we stand for. Hopefully, you will share it with your colleagues, friends and wider networks.

Who is A2: Connect?

We are all A2: Connect. We are the network of artists, teachers and everyone else interested in promoting the arts in education. That could also include: museum education officers; gallery educators; parents; or arts, education, heritage or cultural organisations.

We are a network of people sharing opportunities, knowledge and support, to educate young people creatively.

We, A2:Connect, are supported and driven by the Arts Active Trust. People like Dave Baxter and Bryony Harris.

Our mission is to grow this network of all of us, so that we collaborate more, and make a real difference.

If I’m in the network, what do I do?

Everyone has an opportunity.

  • If you educate children, you can give an artist the opportunity to share their knowledge, inspiration and time with your pupils.
  • If you are in the arts, you can give a school the opportunity to bring your creativity, skills and art to their young learners.

We will encourage each other to share those opportunities by:

  • Attending network events enabling members to meet each other
  • Finding and talking to each other on social media
  • Signing up to the mailing list

We cover the central south Wales region that includes: Bridgend, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Vale of Glamorgan areas. We welcome interest and involvement from anyone, living, working and creating in and near these areas.

So sign up to the newsletter, follow and like us on social media and think about what you’ve got to offer the network!

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