7 December 2017

This production is a golden opportunity for Drama teachers to use as a trigger for Drama work at A Level and GSCE

Between 21 February and 16 March 2018, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru – in
co-operation with Pontio – will be staging the play Y Tad in seven venues throughout

The play is a Welsh adaptation by Geraint Løvgreen of Le Père by Florian Zeller, the
winner of the Molière Award 2014 in France for the best play.

It is a heart-rending story about a man who is struggling to understand what is
happening to him as his memory deteriorates, and a daughter who is trying to come
to terms with her father’s illness.

This production is a golden opportunity for Drama teachers to use as a trigger for Drama work at A Level and GSCE.

It can be used for the question on reviewing a piece of live theatre in the GCSE examination – and at A Level it can be used for the question asking how live theatre has influenced their artistic choices in relation to their set texts.

ThGC will be preparing a comprehensive Educational Pack for pupils to support the

This pack will contain a number of elements that will help teachers to prepare their
pupils for their external examinations. It will contain the following:

  • A summary of the play
  • Information about the author, Florian Zeller
  • What is dementia?
  • A chat with the Director, Arwel Gruffydd*
  •  A chat with 2 of the actors*
  •  A chat with the Designers of the Set, Costumes, Lighting and Sound*
  •  A number of exercises for the pupils to help them review the performance,
    e.g. an analysis of an individual performance, an analysis of a scene, the
    structure and language of the play
  • A discussion on how a text can be performed in the theatre from the point of
    view of (i) the actor; (ii) the designer; (iii) the director, including an
    interpretation of a character, performance skills, various types of stages,
    elements of the design, structure, language and stage directions of the play,
    and how the performance has influenced their artistic decisions when staging
    their set text

**There will be an opportunity to see the interviews noted above on film on ThGC’s

Arrange well in advance for your pupils to come and see this production, and you can apply for a Go and See grant and make use of the educational pack.

If it is successful, the intention is to prepare similar material to support future productions.

This is a special opportunity for Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru to work with you as teachers to develop the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of how drama and the theatre are developed and performed, and to help them to be able to analyse and evaluate work to meet the requirements of the written examination.

The education pack will be prepared by experienced practitioners in the field, who are also WJEC examiners.




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