19 December 2019

Get tips for drama in the classroom – Skills not Frills video series – Drama #3

Drama is a fantastic tool for learning across the curriculum. It is a fun way to embed learning about a range of topics; and it brings a host of benefits including building confidence, developing language and communication skills, encouraging cooperation, developing emotional intelligence, inspiring creative thinking, and the list goes on! This is the third of three Skills not Frills videos giving teachers ideas and tips for using drama in the classroom. See Drama #1. See Drama #2.

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Drama #3: Cultivating Creative Minds

Perseverance, team work, imagination, inquisitiveness and discipline are all developed in creative learning and drama

 Drama games and activities provide learners with a playful space to experiment and try new ideas


ACTIVITY 1: Busy Bee

This game is brilliant for any age, a fun combination of physical activity for wellbeing and fitness, healthy competition and a challenge to represent our ideas in physical form.

1.The class move about the hall like ‘busy bees’.

2.You call out a letter

3.They all have to make themselves into something beginning with that letter.

4.However, the players only get points if nobody else is the same thing as them. This forces the learners to be imaginative and to think outside of the ordinary.

ACTIVITY 2: Flocking

A follow-my-leader game in super slow motion!

Collaboration is key to all drama work. Watch your learners develop team-work skills of careful listening and observing as they focus on mirroring the ‘leader’ of their group.

Flocking is a great physical ensemble exercise that can be done using groups of three up to the whole class, and can create an amazing piece of physical theatre. It really helps develop concentration and discipline amongst your young learners.

ACTIVITY 3: Magic Box

1.Sitting in a circle the pupils pass around an invisible magical box. Use the first passing around as an opportunity to warm-up your miming skills as a group, some boxes could be slippery, delicate, or very heavy for example.

2.Each student takes a turn to mime opening the box lid and carefully removing an imaginary item inside.  They then mime using the item, to show to everybody plenty of clues as to what it is they are imagining.

3.Once someone has guessed correctly, they put it back in the box, put the lid back on and pass it along to the next person to discover what is inside next!

What next and where to find more help?

 LINKS: More games to try with your pupils




 This is part of a series of 15 ‘Skills not Frills’ videos and resource sheets, created with the help of A2:Connect Arts Champions. Arts Champions are teachers who work with us to share their practice and expertise with other schools/teachers in the region.

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