1 July 2020

Out of Doors – Digital Arts Festival

“Out of Doors” – An exciting new online digital arts festival.
18-July – 15 August 2020 

With all of our Summer activities not able to take place in person we have devised a new online digital arts festival, “Out of Doors” that will inspire all to get creative, and encourage us all out into the fresh air. This digital festival comes at a time where remote learning has become fundamental for young people during this period of lockdown that we have, and are all still experiencing. 

We have been leading the way in our engagement with schools, teachers, families and young people, providing educational online resources, access to live creative tutorials along with links and advice. “Out of Doors”, will provide free access to online activities and will include artist led activities and mini projects.   

The festival will encourage all, particularly young people to find inspiration, and enjoy the natural world and being out -doors.  Whether it’s in the parks, urban environment, garden or balcony during lockdown we have seen nature coming closer and playing an important role in our wellbeing.  Bryony Harris, Director, Arts Active

Out of Doors encourages all, particularly young people to find inspiration, and enjoy the natural world that surrounds us. Key prompts around the subject of nature will be part of the creative process and engagement, evoking a sense of well being. 

In association with “Out of Doors”, we have also devised creativity parcels to support those young people who are unable to access online activities due to rural locality, areas of deprivation and others within central south Wales. The parcels will be distributed to nominated pupils by the end of term to support them through the summer break.


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