18 July 2020

Tiddly Prom Activities

Welcome to our Tiddly Prom Activities page. Come and join our wonderful Tiddly Prom team each week during our Out of Doors festival for fun musical activities to keep your little ones entertained this Summer. Suitable for under 5’s.

What’s coming up?

18 July 2020 – Activity Pack

Let your little ones re discover the magic of the Tiddly Prom with our downloadable activity pack, with lot’s of different activities to keep them busy and connected to Bert and Cherry.

25 July 2020 – Colouring in Pack

Do you remember what Bert has won trophy’s for over the years? Can you remember what Cherry Pie’s favourite colour is? Well this week we have some wonderful character sheets for you to colour in and remember all about Bert, Cherry and their musicals friends favourite things. What are your favourite things? We would love to know!

1 August 2020 – Music Video

Bert and Cherry and the musicians have been busy at home and were so excited to share this music video with you all. Can you sing along at home?

8 August 2020 – Video

It’s the day of the Big Parade, but oh no! It’s been cancelled! Well don’t worry because Cherry has had one of her ideas! Join Bert and Cherry at home with our specially made video just for you.

Activity Pack

Colouring in Pack

Download your pack here!https://artsactive.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Activity-pack.png

Suitable for under 5’s.
What’s inside? –

Design & bake your own cake

Make your own tractor

The colours of the rainbow

What’s on Bert’s farm?

Download your pack here!https://artsactive.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Colour-in-Pack.png

Suitable for under 5’s.
What’s inside? –

Cherry Pie

Bert Shrub

Mayor Daphne Dill

Clara Clarinet

Bessie Bassoon

Verity Viola

Rainbow Song

Can you sing along to learn the colours of the rainbow?

The Big Parade

Join our Tiddly Prom team for a specially created video with a story about the day the Big Parade was cancelled. Join Bert, Cherry, Clara clarinet, Bessie bassoon, verity viola, and Brendan bass for a musical story created especially for your under 5’s.


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