19 January 2021

Spring Young Composers: Online Course

Our Young Composers scheme consists of termly composition workshops, in which you will be guided and given tuition in writing for a classical ensemble, and hear your compositions tried out by the musicians.

The scheme is FREE and will end in a final showcase of your works-in-progress or final pieces where they will be recorded, edited and sent out to you to keep.

This is an exciting opportunity that will look great on further education applications and will be of particular benefit if you are building a portfolio of work for School or university

Due to COVID-19 our in person session are not able to take place but this just means we have moved our course online.

In these online sessions, students will learn about composing for Piano Trio and using text within Composition. This term we will be working with professional composer Rowan Talbot. The sessions will be a mix of group work and then individual time to work on their own composition. Each student will compose a piece based around a text and using the instruments within a piano trio (Violin, Cello and Piano) and share their final composition with other members of the group in a final online presentation.

Age: 14-18 years old

Requirements: Students will need:

  • to be able to read music
  • to be grade 3 standard on any instrument
  • manuscript paper
  • access to a keyboard/piano and/or other instrument
  • access to music notation software

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Rowan Talbot

Rowan Blake Talbot is a composer, musician, musical director and actor who trained at Rose Bruford College in London, England, and is the resident Musical Director and Composer for Ransack Dance Company and The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company.

Composing Credits include:

Green Man // Red Woman (National Theatre Wales), A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Branwen’s Tale, Twelfth Night (Taking Flight Theatre), Momenta and Murmur (Ransack Dance Company),The Commercial Traveller, Macbyrd, The Comedy of Babi Babbet, The Wife, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat, The Dressing Book and The Musicians of Bremen (The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company), The Waiting Game (Sherman Theatre ADI), The Happy Prince (Fabler Theatre Company) and Miss Maud’s Chambers Of Fantastical Truth (Caroline Sabin).

Other compositions include the films Life Support, Light Moves and Graphic Moves (Productive Margins), The Warriors and Cadwyn Cerdd (Artis Community), Making Space (Agenda), What If This Is Us? (Cardiff University) and a Chartism Son Et Lumiere (Newport County Council and Newport Live).


Day 1

13:00-14:00 Group Welcome and introduction session

14:15-15:30 Individual work on compositions

16:00-17:00 Group session

Email draft scores to workshop leader for feedback

Day 2

13:00-14:00 Group session

14:15-15:30 Individual work on compositions (+ 1 to 1 sessions)

16:00-17:00 Group session

Email draft scores to workshop leader for feedback

Day 3

13:00-14:00 Group session

14:15-15:30 Individual work on compositions (+ 1 to 1 sessions)

16:00-17:00 Group session

Email draft scores to workshop leader for feedback

Day 4

13:00-14:30 Group session with play throughs/feedback

14:45-15:30 Final touches on composition

16:00-17:00 Final group play through of compositions

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